Flexi Force can provide Outsourced Payroll administrative services to customers to maximize your core business time and investment. Our combination of industry experience, performance improvement methodologies, technology, and proven solutions drive improved results for customers.
Why choose to outsource your payroll?
Whether you call it payroll bureau or payroll processing services it all means the same thing - outsourcing your in-house payroll function to a dedicated third party provider of payroll services.  Increasingly businesses are choosing to go down this route.

There are several advantages to payroll outsourcing:

A great deal of staff time is engaged with the administration and running of the company payroll.  Payroll outsourcing frees up staff to concentrate on more profitable areas, such as sales, business strategy development.
Increasing payroll legislation requires additional effort for a company to ensure it is payroll compliant, or face financial penalties.  Our payroll team keeps abreast of current, and any forthcoming, changes in payroll legislation.  One thing is for sure, the amount of legislation will not decrease!
Disaster Recovery - In the event of the unthinkable the need to reconstitute all your payroll data will be expensive and time consuming.  By moving it off site you are at least ensuring that one area of your company is covered.  Payroll outsourcing service from two separate sites is the data mirrored approach, so in the event of any eventuality payrolls can be run from either without any interruption in the service to you.  If you are considering outsourcing your payroll ensure any payroll bureau company has a robust contingency service in place.
Payroll outsourcing helps to reduce costs.  There is less need for a dedicated payroll person, or persons just send us your payroll information and we do the rest.

This outsourcing payroll service will benefit you as an employer by saving you time and money, eliminate the need to print pay slips, make account reconciliation easier and increase your employee’s productivity.

Your employees do not need to change banks to utilize the service and will receive complete earnings statements every pay period. Payroll is deposited electronically to the assigned bank accounts of the employees.
HR Benefits
Improved Focus and Information
Flexi Force can deliver a number of worthwhile benefits to the HR function. These include;
Improved employee morale and increased satisfaction keeps employees productive and focused on their jobs.
Removal of the administration side of payroll frees up HR to concentrate on more strategic issues and other important company initiatives.
Customized payroll reports to capture and report on information that is required to support strategic decisions and new or existing processes.
Using outsourcing payroll services to re-engineer and/or introduce new processes. Our outsourcing payroll team has a superior resource, which includes analysts and consultants able to advise and support introduction of new initiatives.
Using Flexi Force to distribute information directly to employees or to management. We have the resources to develop, produce and maintain the management of the "deliverable" required to support a new or existing process.
Consulting/Service Fee
Fee will be defined to base upon the scope of outsourcing assignments.


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