For more than 25 years, Flexi-force has been providing superior local delivery and logistical warehousing services to a diverse clientele. Our dedication to our customers, our customized menu of services and our position at the forefront of new technologies and innovations have highlighted our success and growth for more than two decades.

Our e-trac internet ordering system allows our customers to order, track, and review messenger deliveries online, from any PC in your office!

Our Services
24-Hour Rush On-Demand Service
Discount Telephone Services. This service, offered exclusively to Flexi-force members by Express Tel, provides a full lineup of long distance services, including 800 numbers, conference calling, calling cards, customized management reports and analyses, multiple FAX transmission, single point-of-contact, no installation or switchover charges, operator services, and much more. Flexi-force members save thousands of dollars every month, with no deterioration of service.
Route Delibery

Several studies indicate that flexible work arrangements are key to retaining employees, addressing labour shortages, improving business practices, and saving employers money in wages and benefits.

We help You Your Benefits
Save time and cost

With the specific work schedule designed for each client, we will work closely with our clients and its vendors to ensure the targeted turnaround time.
We also ensure the completeness and validity of the supporting documents of both payable and disbursement process in order to ease the accounting recording and for audit purposes. Your cost is also predictable.

Improve Business Performance We generally take over some or all of the end-to-end accounts payable processes. This means we adopt your existing process by enforcing your company policies, dealing with your vendors and process payment. Our document review process will also enhance VAT recovery and improve legislative compliances.
Comply with law and regulations

We will ensure the proper withholding tax rate is applied for the payment and also the validity of VAT for claimable purposes.
Withholding tax and input VAT will be able to reconcile against the records in books of accounts to ensure the proper tax filing.


Our Services